Amit Shah says: Country should come all together to promote Hindi, our national language

New Delhi: The Union Home Minister, Amit Shah says “Today, if one language can do the work of tying the country to the door of unity, then it is the most spoken Hindi language.”  He added country would have achieved next monuments by the next general election in 2024.

On Saturday Union Home Minister said that country should come together to promote our national language, Hindi. When the country is tailored to have the next general election in 2024, Hindi language would have achieved significant status.

Earlier he shared a message of ‘One nation, one language’ over Social Media.


“India is a country of different languages and every language has its own importance but it is very important to have a language of the whole country which should become the identity of India in the world,” Mr. Shah has shared such words on Twitter.

Equating and realizing the dream of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel of one language for our nation, Amit Shah requested people to maximize the use of mother language and national language Hindi. “Today, if one language can do the work of tying the country to the door of unity, then it is the most spoken Hindi language,” he said.

Mr. Shah said, “Today if you ask a Hindi-medium student to speak for 40 minutes in Hindi, he won’t be able to do so.” on Hindi Diwas Event in Delhi. “There is so much influence of English on us that we cannot talk in Hindi without its help. School students should be asked to speak in Hindi and whoever uses an English word should be given one mark,” he added.

He said in the areas of technology, science and law Hindi should be used. He said that the center will start teaching Hindi reading and writing to Northeast students of the school.

He said, “I was in Guwahati last week, I heard that many people are hiring private tutors to teach Hindi to their children. The Centre has decided that we will teach them Hindi.”


While framing the constitution, members of Constitute Assembly requested to use Hindi for communication. The state has adopted Hindi and English both as the official language to correspondence between ministries and state government.

The Act said, “Provided further that where Hindi is used for purposes of communication between one State which has adopted Hindi as its official language and another State which has not adopted Hindi as its official language, such communication in Hindi shall be accompanied by a translation of the same in the English language.”

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