Appointment of four new judges in the Supreme Court, the number of judges increased from 30 to 34

New Delhi: In the Supreme Court today, four new judges were sworn in at the swearing-in ceremony, which has now increased the number of judges in the court from 1 to 5. Considering the increasing pending cases in the country, it is believed that the Central Government had indicated the appointment of a new Judges which was approved by President Ramnath Kovind, which led to the four judges (Chief Justice of the Himachal High Court) in the Supreme Court today.

V Ramasubramaniam, Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court Ravindra Bhatt, Chief Justice of Punjab Haryana High Court, Krishna Murari and Kerala High Court Chief Mr. Justice Rishikesh Roy) took the oath where CJI Ranjam Gogoi administered the oath to these judges.

(From left) Justices V. Ramasubramanian, Hrishikesh Roy, Krishna Murari and S. Ravindra Bhat. Photos:,,,

Recently, the government has increased the number of judges in the Supreme Court from 30 to 34, given the number of pending cases in the country.

Before being a judge of the Supreme Court, all these judges have been Chief Justice of the High Court in different states of the country. All the judges and lawyers of the Supreme Court were present at the swearing-in ceremony. With the appointment of judges, now a single judge bench will be hearing for the first time in the Supreme Court. Earlier, on any case till now, a bench of at least two judges was hearing.

A single judge’s bench will hear the applicants seeking bail, advance bail and case transfer in a case with less than 7 years.

Significantly, these steps have been taken by the government to reduce the burden of pending litigation in the country.

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