At the age of 16, Priyabrata Patil made a record by passing the Tenali General Examination, PM Modi congratulated

New Delhi: Priyavrat made a record by passing the Tenali examination conducted by Kanchi Math, Tamil Nadu. Passing this exam for 40 years is considered a great achievement for anyone.

What is the Tenali test?

Tenali exam is a test in which Guru and disciples from different regions of the country come together and live like a Gurukul education system. This exam takes place twice a year, where there is a written and oral semester examination of the disciples and gurus, under which the students also get an allowance during their studies.

This exam is conducted in 14 stages, in which the students get Indian texts. And the correct knowledge of the Vedas and their teaching is required. This is exactly as the children were taught in Nalanda University. Also considered to be pass when the student passes all the 14 stages.

Passing this difficult test for the first time in 60 years, “Priyavrat Patil”, the son of Mr. Devdutt Patil and Mrs. Aparna, at the youngest, has achieved this feat.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself praised and said that his achievement will inspire the youth. Priyavrat took his early education from his father Mr. Devdutt Patil and studied all grammar texts from Mr. Mohan Sharma.

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