Bluetooth hair straighteners have hit the market, but why it may be dangerous to use them

Special Correspondent (Mumbai): Bluetooth hair straighteners have hit the market, but why it may be dangerous to use them. Bluetooth enabled hair straighteners are becoming a reality. It may take some time to arrive in India. The world’s first Bluetooth enabled straightener has been already launched by U.K. firm- Glamorise.

But why do you need Bluetooth enabled hair straightener?

Considering the demand of all things smart, Bluetooth-enabled hair straighteners can connect to smartphones via a mobile application through which a user can set the temperature as per the desired hairstyle.

Also, the App will suggest particular settings and time limit for a certain type of hairstyles. The app will also allow users to switch on or off the hair straightener remotely.

Managing gadgets with mobile application are always fun and easy. But the bigger question is what will happen if someone hacks your hair straightener? This will happen because Bluetooth hair straighteners don’t come with any kind of authentication. This might allow someone to take control of the app and alter the heat, time and other settings of a hair straightener, according to a report by cybersecurity researchers at Pen Test Partners.

The report says that according to the UK fire service “up to 650,000 house fires have been caused across the UK straighteners. Apparently, one of three hair straightener users burnt themselves.

The cybersecurity researchers have exactly done this. “As there is no authentication between BTE devices and mobile application. Data can be sent to any device as long as it turns on, said report.

The report said,” As there is no pairing or bonding established over BLE when connecting a phone, anyone in range with the app can take control of the app.” Interestingly, more than someone ‘hacking into the app’, the real threat is if someone buys a Bluetooth hair straightener and doesn’t pair it with a phone. This is because then someone who is in Bluetooth range of the straightener can pair with it and simply increase the temperature while you are using it.

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