Congress leader’s big statement on HOWDY Modi: Modi is not sloppy to spend ten years like this

New Delhi: Former Indian External Affairs Minister and close to Gandhi family, Congress leader “Natwar Singh” has become the Prime Minister and his foreign policy. Natwar Singh said, “Today Modi’s discussions are taking place all over the world and it is his influence that has led President Trump himself to leave Modi’s busy schedule to attend Modi’s program HOWDY Modi in Washington (Houston).” , Where the American media has also considered it a big deal and acknowledged Modi’s dominance.
We should all congratulate Modi for this.

On the question of foreign policy of Pakistan and India, Natwar Singh said that “Prime Minister Modi is not in a hurry to spend ten years as our first Prime Minister”, and if Pakistan talks about where India is Team A, Pakistan is Team D, even on the relations of India and China said that if there was so much tension between the two countries, would the President of China come to India next month?

He said that the foreign policy of India at this time is very good where Prime Minister Modi is clear on any subject and his international image is very good. It is believed that the Prime Minister is appealing to the Indian community living around the world.

The Indian community is one of America’s core powerful communities and this is their third mega show in the US. In recent times, the government has eased the migrant Indians by relaxing the visa rules; by mixing the Is of Doing, OCI and PIO cards, they have relaxed the Indian migrants in the visa.

It is believed that presidential elections are going to be held in the US next year, so joining President Trump’s HOWDY MODI program may attract Indian Americans and those who may benefit from President Trump in the upcoming elections, because there are a lot of Indians in America. Americans live.

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