Good News of Spotting Up Vikram Lander, Need to Find its Condition: Former Scientist PK Ghosh

Special Correspondent (Bengaluru): Space agency lost the contact with Vikram but ISRO found the location of Vikram. Communication loses before Vikram was about to make a soft landing on the south pole region of the moon.

Former scientist PK Ghosh said that it was good news of finding the location of Vikram Lander but it is more important to know whether it is in working condition or not.

Gosh said: “I think the spotting of Vikram Lander is really good and hopeful news. They feel that Vikram is fit from outside but its condition on the inside is more important to know.”

Former scientist PK Ghosh
Former scientist PK Ghosh

Space Agency lost communication with Vikram just before it was about to make soft-landing on the south pole region of the moon, but ISRO found the location of lander Vikram.

PK Ghosh added that lander will take the place on the surface of the moon with the artificial intelligence but it is very important to know the working condition of Vikram and what kind of landing it underwent.

Ghosh said, “Everyone knows it that during the last minutes of landing, when communication was lost with the lander then through automatic intelligence it might have landed but we don’t know whether it was a soft landing or hard landing and what the condition of payloads is.”

Vikram Lander

“We cannot say anything till the ISRO is able to contact the lander. If it was tilted at the time of landing it could cause a problem as then Pragyan would not be able to come out of the lander. We should be hopeful that ISRO will be able to establish communication and make it work,” added Ghosh.

The orbiter has sent a thermal image of the lander.

On September 7, Vikram was scheduled for soft-landing. It lost the contact with ISRO ground station before it was above 2.1 km from the surface of the moon.

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