India defies Pak and China at UNSC for attempting to internationalize the Kashmir issue

Special Correspondent (New Delhi): An attempt of Pakistan and China to corner India globally over the issue of Kashmir at the UNSC meeting failed miserably. On Friday, 16 August 2019 a closed-door meeting was convened at the request of China for building a consensus over the issue of Kashmir globally-in which 10 non-permanent members and 5 permanent members were present- could not convince members to endorse the views of China and Pakistan.

India stood firmly on its longstanding position and reiterated that Kashmir is entirely an internal matter of India and no other country has the mandate to interfere in it.

When the closed-door meeting concluded on Friday, Both Pakistan and China tried to masquerade their national interests as the will ofUNSC members in the press conference, India lashed out at them strongly.

India stood firmly on its longstanding position

India’ s representative to UNSC Syed Akbaruddin slammed both UN representatives of China and Pakistan for misinterpreting the outcome of the meeting and trying to be a part of the issue and assuming themselves to be the Judge of the entire situation.

On China and Pakistan’s showing concern about the humanitarian crisis in Kashmir, India reiterated that its intention is to bring prosperity and development in the region and restrictions imposed are temporary measures to prevent any untoward incident of violence. As the situation in the region improves restrictions will be lifted in a phased manner.

the humanitarian crisis in Kashmir

While addressing the media, Syed Akbaruddin also told that India is completely committed to abiding by the agreement of 1972 and Shimla agreement but censured Pakistan for not keeping its end of the commitment. He also stressed that talks with Pakistan is possible only when it stops spawning terrorists.





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