Kashmir at UN: India’s representative Sayed Akbaruddin lambasted at Pakistan, “ Every time they stoop so low, India will rise”

New Delhi: All tactics of Pakistan to somehow introduce a resolution on the matter of Kashmir at UNHRC seems to be not gathering any grounds, as no country in the entire world is willing to side with Pakistan on this issue.

As a high level meeting of United Nations is scheduled to take place in the next week, in which Pakistan is planning to move a resolution regarding the Kashmir Issue, but no country is showing any interest to it.

In United Nations, India’s representative Sayed Akbaruddin in a veiled attack on Pakistan said, “ The more they sink new low, the more India will touch new zenith.”

He further added, “Earlier, in the past they have been known to breed and harbor terrorists and now they are harboring and spreading despicable feelings.” “If they want to be entangled into such things, it is their thinking, by doing so their own position takes a tumble, and not ours.”

Earlier, the European Union had rebuked Pakistan severely on the issue of Kashmir and said, “ Kashmir is an internal matter of India” and on the other hand, many countries of UNHRC have refused to align with the Pakistan’s stand. Despite that, Pakistan was adamant at moving the resolution on Kashmir issue, but had failed to gather any support.

It appears that Pakistan has failed to convince necessary and numbers of countries within the timeframe set by the UNHRC, and thus all its evil hopes have shattered into pieces.


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