Malala Yousafzai joins the Pakistan’s fabrication of narrative on Kashmir 15

New Delhi: Nobel prize laureate education activists Malala Yousafzai on Saturday parroted Pakistan’s line on Kashmir when she called upon UNGA to intervene in Kashmir to establish peace. According to her, clamp down and communications blackout has created an atmosphere of fear, and people in Kashmir are living in acute distress with children unable to resume their studies due to the prevailing deplorable situation in the wake of Article 370 revocation.

However, she got trolled by Twitter users for the sheer amount of hypocrisy and blatant lies as she failed to say anything about abysmal conditions and atrocities meted out to minorities in her home country Pakistan.

She took to Twitter to express her views on the situation in Kashmir. “I am asking leaders at UNGA and beyond, to work towards peace in Kashmir, listen to Kashmir voices and help children go safely back to school,” she tweeted.

She even claimed to have talked to people living in Kashmir- human rights lawyers, journalists and students and expressed concerns over oppression by security forces and dreadful situation.

She said, “ I am deeply concerned about reports of 4000 people, including children, arbitrarily arrested & jailed, about students who haven’t been able to attend school for more than 40 days, about girls who are afraid to leave their homes.” No sooner she posted her views on Kashmir than she was swamped with questions, advice and jeering remarks over her hypocrisy.

Twitter users even reminded her of her own situation as to how she was shot for speaking about girls’ education in her home country and had to take refuge in the UK. It is absolutely ironical that she can’t go back to her own country because of the frightful and appalling situation there but trying to attract worldwide attention over the Kashmir issue.

But, as lies can’t travel far, she exposed her own fabrication in a tweet which she claimed to have been shared by a Kashmiri girl. “I missed my exams on August 12 and I feel my future is insecure now. I want to be a writer and grow to be an independent, successful Kashmiri woman. But it seems to be getting more difficult as this continues,” Malala quoted her as saying.

This clearly wide opened the cracks in her cooked up story because on 12 August schools were closed as people were celebrating Bakri I’d/ Idul Juha, so she couldn’t have appeared in the exam. whether Malala is goaded into this narrative or she is actually expressing her views is debatable but this episode has certainly landed a blow to her popularity.

India has recently revoked article 370 to completely integrate Jammu and Kashmir to India. Security clampdown and restrictions on communications have been put in place to ensure militants and miscreants don’t destabilize the situation through propaganda.

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When article 370 revoked, Pakistan got shocked into numbness as its all treacherous schemes of 72 years- which it was employing since Independence in 1947 to destabilize Kashmir through cross-border terrorism and stirring the anti-India sentiments- turned into a pile of scrap in no time. Since then Pakistan is shuffling from one country to another in the hope that someone would believe its lies and even Malala’s tweets failed to provide any breather to its pitying situation.

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