New Changes in Motor Vehicle Act – One can avoid getting a challan by just one registration

New Delhi: The government has issued a new circular, amending the Motor Vehicle Act, in which the drivers can avoid getting the challan even if they do not have the necessary documents. Recently, there has been a huge controversy about the Motor Vehicle Act in the country, in which all fines have been doubled.

Now the government has issued a new circular in which no driver will be issued a challan if he registers all the papers or documents of the vehicle in ‘mparivahan’ or ‘digicar’, and even if the driver does not have a phone, with the help of this app, the police can get all the information from the number of the driver’s car and thus they can avoid getting a challan.

The Ministry of Road Transport is launching this app keeping in view the behavior of vehicle owners and traffic police based on the continuous complaints received from across the country. With this the drivers can avoid incurring heavy fines.

It is seen that since the new Motor Vehicle Act has been implemented in the country, there is a lot of fury in the public for this new rule, and in many places there is a ruckus between the traffic police and the drivers and many people have even burnt their own vehicle.

Many people in the country have been making fun of Digital India since the introduction of this rule. Considering the seriousness of the situation, the government has issued a new circular, in an effort to provide some relief to the public.

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