Of Pakistani origin, Malala was heard by Indian shooter Hina Sidhu, a bad thing, Bokhalai Malala

New Delhi: Pakistani citizen, Malala Yousafzai is constantly making anti-India statements about Kashmir and atrocities on Kashmiri women and children are being spread in the propaganda world. Pakistan has been running anti-India campaigns all over the world ever since Dhara 360 has been abolished, but no country is seen supporting them on this matter.

In the same situation where the condition of Kashmir is normal, Pakistanis are not having this thing and they are not constantly getting rid of their false statements and the same name has been added to this episode of Malala Yousafzai, who is the United Nation’s Human on Twitter Rights are pleading that India is torturing women and children in Kashmir and is killing humanity, this is affecting the education of children there.

Every two days, Malala was seen writing against India, twitter, where people told them very well and said that Malala had said when learning in Pakistan and minorities were being tortured and then Malala said when a Christian girl was forcibly The religion was converted. Not only this, when terrorists like Hafiz Sayed openly threaten to kill citizens of India, Malala does not remember human rights.

The Indian shooter Heena Sidhu did not like tweet of Malala Yousafzaiand he gave a befitting reply to her on Twitter, saying, Malala of Pakistani origin herself lives abroad but there is no arrangement for education of women and children in her own country.

According to her (Malala), give Kashmir to Pakistan because there is a very good system for the education of girls, where Malala herself  was shot for studies, due to which she never returned to her country. If there is such a good system in her country (Pakistan), then Malala herself would go there first and show it to the world instead.

Heena Sidhu says this is a strong slap on Malala’s mouth, for the pretense of her human rights.

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