PM Modi reproaches Opposition For Article 370 Stand “Doob Maro”

Mumbai: Very next day BJP in Maharashtra promised that it will push for a “Bharat Ratna” for Vinayak Damodar Savarkar or Vir Savarkar.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi embraced enthusiastically  this idea in relly at Aloka, boosting the prospects of the Hindutva Icon which is getting the highest civilian honour of India.

Narendra Modi said, referring to Savarkar, ” his Sanskar that we consider nationalism as the basis of the nation-building.”

He also regretted  that Dr Ambedkar has been denied the country’s highest civilian award by Congress government in 1990

Modi defended strongly a pole issue of Jammu and Kashmir and revoking of Article 370 and stated that while battling terrorists in J&K many soldiers from the state had sacrificed their life. He used the term “shameless” for the opposition.

For having questions on revoking of Article 370 Pm commented “Doob Maro” and he said, ” I want them to hear that Kashmir and its people will stay with Mother India.”

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