Pragya Bhatt’s ‘Beyond Asanas’ reveals the myths and legends behind yogic postures

Special Correspondent (Mumbai): Pragya Bhatt’s ‘Beyond Asanas’ reveals the myths and legends behind yogic postures. Adho Mukha Svanasana or downward-facing dog is one of the many asanas from this just-released book that tells of the myths behind the postures
The apply of yoga was neither ‘invented’ nor ‘discovered’. It existed long before references to that initial appeared in art and literature. Nature vie a vital role in rites and rituals, with ancient yogis drawing inspiration from the planet around them. the majority of mythological figures were related to a minimum of one animal. it’s no surprise, then, that several yoga poses are galvanized by animals, insects, and nature.
One such pose is the adho mukha svanasana. A careful study of the name tells us its meaning. ‘Adho’ = Down; ‘Mukha’ = Face; ‘Svana’ = Dog; ‘Asana’ = Pose.
When the war of Kurukshetra within the religious writing was over, the Pandavas created their thanks to heaven. Slowly and quietly, they ascended the mountain from wherever they might board the chariot to heaven. The eldest Pandava, Yudhishthira, junction rectifier the method. He was followed by Bheema, Arjuna, Nakula, Sahadeva and Draupadi. A lone dog conjointly followed them.

The journey up the mountain was long and arduous. They were all terribly tired. Soon, Draupadi folded and was unable to continue. The Pandavas checked out her with sorrow since she wouldn’t enter the dominion of heaven. Throughout her life, Draupadi had on the Q.T. favored Arjuna. This attachment to him had been her undoing.

The remaining Pandavas continuing, even supposing their exhaustion hyperbolic with each step. The dog followed.

The next to collapse was Sahadeva. He had been happy with his own intellect and this vice unbroken him from the dominion of heaven. The remaining Pandavas trudged on because the dog followed, wagging its tail.

Nakula folded next. ‘He was happy with his appearance and wouldn’t stop loving himself,’ explained Yudhishthira to the others. ‘That’s why he will not build it to the dominion of heaven. allow us to continue.’ Yudhishthira had noticed the dog and had begun to contemplate it an area of their retinue.

Arjuna folded next. He would conjointly not build it to heaven. His failing was that he was confident and egotistical.

The summit of the mountain was shut, and tho’ they mourned their siblings and married person, Bheema and Yudhishthira continuing. The dog wagged its tail and followed them.

Finally, Bheema conjointly folded. He was happy with his physical strength and Ate an excessive amount of, though Yudhishthira. By now, he was virtually delirious with hunger and thirst however carried on. He was aware that it absolutely was solely him and also the dog currently.

At the highest of the mountain, Lord Indra descended along with his chariot and invited Yudhishthira in to be flown to heaven. Yudhishthira was happy that the torturing journey was finally coming back to Associate in the Nursing finish. however being righteous and simply, he had one final request. ‘Lord Indra,’ Yudhishthira aforementioned, ‘I will solely come back to heaven if this dog comes with me. He has followed North American country from the bottom of the mountain and has been with ME as I lost every single one in all my siblings and my beloved married person. He has been with ME in sorrow, in happiness, in unhappiness, and in seventh heaven. He has seen ME tired and hungry. Now, once I’m at the brink of heaven, I don’t want to abandon him.’ Lord Indra, of course, couldn’t permit a dog into heaven, as dogs were thought-about inauspicious.

Yudhishthira found himself changing into progressively emotional. ‘Lord Indra, the dog has done nothing to hurt anyone or something. it’s shown solely the utmost loyalty, faith, and love. I’m afraid if he can’t enter heaven, then neither am I able to.’ thus language, he turned aloof from the celestial chariot and commenced to run away.

Lord Indra stopped Yudhishthira. ‘Congratulations, Yudhishthira, you’ve got passed the last word check,’ he said. ‘This dog is none aside from Dharma, Associate in Nursingd you’ve got shown that you just have an intimate bond with Dharma. Welcome to heaven.’
As Yudhishthira boarded the chariot and flew to heaven, the dog changed into the God of Dharma.
Early yogis considered all life equal. If there are poses named after sages, then there are poses inspired by animals as well. Yogis observed a dog languidly extending the spine while keeping the rest of the body alert. They were curious about the benefits that humans could derive from this movement and decided to mimic the natural movements of a dog.
A yoga pose is more than just a physical posture. While performing the adho mukha svanasana, we should think about the qualities that make the dog man’s best friend. While practicing the downward dog pose, meditate upon the strength and courage of a dog. To be loyal and faithful in today’s world, we need to be strong in our relationships and have the courage to forgive. The decisions we make, and the manner in which we conduct our lives, should be reflective of this.
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