Press this acupressure point near your ears to lose weight

Banglore: When you trying to lose weight, the biggest challenge is to control their hunger pangs. The craving to munch on unhealthy food items, even when you are not feeling hungry is just alluring. The craving for junk increases when you are dieting. It cannot be denied that the healthy diet and intense workout session is the best way to lose weight.

But what if we told you that there are ample hacks that can speed up the weight loss process? Well, it is true and one such method is acupressure.

Acupressure is a natural healing technique, which is in practice since ancient times. It is used to get relief from headaches, back pain and even works well in controlling your hunger pangs. You only need to press some specific point to keep manage your hunger pangs and keep you on track.

“All you need to do is press a point near your ear. Isn’t it simple?”

What do you have to do and How?

You just have to press the pressure point near your ear for one minute. when you trying to lose weight just take one minute from your busy schedule and practice this technique. It crushes your appetite but not shed kilos. Along with this, you need to eat healthy food and follow an intense workout.

Put your index fingers on the triangle-shaped tissue near your ears. Apply little pressure and simultaneously move your jaws (open and close it). Try to locate the point (near your ear) where you feel the maximum movement. Now stop moving your jaws and keep pressing this pressure point for a minute. That’s it. You just have to this simple exercise every day to restrain your hunger.

Disclaimer: Please consult your treating physician for more details.

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