The long-drawn battle is won by the Muslim women, when the triple talaq bill 2019

Special Correspondent (New Delhi): The long-drawn battle is won by the Muslim women when the triple talaq bill 2019, which is likely to ensure gender equality and justice has been passed by the Rajya Sabha, although government lacked the majority in the upper house.

This bill criminalizes the triple talaq or instant divorce- a practice followed by Muslim men to dissolve a marriage at their whim and attracts a jail term of three years for the husband.

When the triple talaq, or Muslim women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2019 was introduced in Rajya Sabha on Tuesday evening for debate, opposition parties condemned the bill as unconstitutional because this practice found no mention in the Muslim Law. They also argued that as marriage in the Muslim community was a civil contract, so the man dissolving the marriage could not be tried for the criminal offense.


Amid heated debate Triple talaq bill,2019, found a smooth passage in Rajya Sabha, as two BJP allies Nitish Kumar’s JDU and AIADMK walked out during the debate, and thus brought down the majority mark required for the passage of the bill. During division 99 members voted for the law and 84 opposed it.


Opposition had termed this bill as unconstitutional and asked the law to be sent to select committee for further scrutiny which was turned down by the house, while BJP slammed the opposition for politicizing the issue and said that this bill was crucial for ushering gender equality, empowering, and upholding dignity of the Muslim women in the society.

PM Narendra Modi acknowledged the support of all MPs who supported the bill and said, “historical wrong done to Muslim women” was corrected.

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