Trending couples look bold experimenting their fashion selections

Mumbai: India Couture Week 2019: Trending couples look bold experimenting their fashion selections. Ace fashion designer Amit Aggarwal believes the concept of a traditional Indian wedding has evolved with time and new-age couples are open to experimentation when it comes to choosing wedding trousseau.

The designer from Delhi who opened FDCI India Couture Week 2019 on 22nd July, Amit Aggarwal said that keeping an Indian aesthetics alive at the time of redefining the traditional Indian bridal outfits is the biggest challenge for him as a “Couturier”.
The new edge couples are becoming bold and experimental with their choices. They pretend to wear garments as if they are representative of their personality.

“I think the biggest challenge is to understand the heritage that a bride looks for in her clothes while trying to balance it with her world view. To create a beautiful amalgamation of both, culture and modernity can definitely be extremely challenging,” in an interview Amit told PTI. Combination of different color and textures in contemporary ensembles are more favorable.

Women are taking risks with their fashion and men are accepting the new approach towards fashion. “I have revived the traditional Indian Groom silhouettes with modern three-dimensional hand embroidery,” said Amit whose men’s wear range was launched last year, in couture collection.
“The response to our menswear preceded our expectations which is why we’re bringing it to Couture Week this season as well. We create garments for traditional Indian man that has evolved and started accepting newer and innovative forms of clothing. The couture menswear collection brings forth sharp tailoring in classic styles with a touch of layering in modern industrial materials and handwoven geometric textiles. The garments have been enhanced by the layering of drapes, color blocking through textiles and highlighting them with intricate craftsmanship,” he added.

Lumen, the designer’s new range is inspired by the organic structure of the human body that interchange invisible energy over an overlay of fluidity, form, and framework. Amit said that he has experimented the illusion of colors by shadow play as one of the key techniques is “layering”.
“The framework of the garment is created with layers of our recycled polymer under structures, the fluidity comes through the illusionary movement of textiles creating forms that come to life through the intricate motifs and embroideries,” he added. Bollywood actress Kiara Advani was the show-stopper for Amit Aggarwal’s show.

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