Zarin Khan claps back at Body Shaming Trolls, applauds Anushka Sharma for supporting her

Special Correspondent Mumbai): Recently Zarin Khan was trolled for having stretch mark on her stomach, spotted in a picture that she shared. After that Anushka Sharma had come in support for her. Zareen Khan on Anushka Sharma Backing Her From Trolls: ‘She’s A Strong Woman To Have Recognized Another

Trolling and negative reaction is like another side of the coin of fame and stardom of the actor’s life. Unfortunately, haters mostly comment and note the body shaming/ flat shaming of the beautiful actresses of the Bollywood. Zarin Khan is one of them.

Zarin has stretch marks on her belly, that showed in her picture post. She was trolled for that picture. Zareen said that picture posted to show the beauty of surroundings not for herself.

Zareen Khan said, “As a teenager, I weighed over 100 Kg and when you lose 50 kilos, your skin tends to lose and leave stretch marks,” in an interview with Mumbai Mirror.

Below is the picture she was trolled for:

Zarin has stretch marks on her belly


Before this picture, she was bullied for her weight but she said she is proud of herself. “I don’t feel the need to use them (photo editing apps) because I don’t believe in hiding my imperfections. I believe everyone is imperfect in their own way. I am proud of what I have achieved. It’s not about becoming picture-perfect for people but for myself. This fitness journey made me the person I am today, a part of the film industry, and I feel blessed. And before I could reply to the trolls, several fans stood by me.”

Anushka supported Zareen and posted an appreciation post for her. She captioned “Zareen, you’re beautiful and brave and strong and perfect just the way you are. #lookbeyondthebody #appreciationpost.”

Anushka supporting Zareen on social media


The “Veer” actress said in replying Anushka “That was very sweet of her since Anushka and I are not even friends, we have met each other briefly at social gatherings. It takes a strong woman to recognize another. I’ve come a long way in the journey, but I would still require photoshopping. But I like to be the real me on social media.”



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